City of Marion, Wisconsin 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the City of Marion Assessor?

 Appraisal Services
2025 Fairfax Street
Eau Claire, WI  54701
(715) 834-1361

How do I change a name on my property tax bill?

Record a deed in the Register of Deed's Office. Our records reflect the most recently recorded document.

Who do I notify if my address changes?

Address changes may be sent to the County Treasurer in writing or by fax. Please include your tax ID number listed on your tax notice.

If I don't receive my tax notice, what should I do?

Real estate property tax notices and personal property tax notices are mailed in December of each year. If you do not receive the notice by the 27th of December, please contact or office or the county. If you own property in Wisconsin, you are responsible for the property taxes whether you receive a bill or not.

If you think my taxes are too high, what should I do?

When you receive the valuation notice from the Assessor's office, you should follow the instructions provided on the notice to protest the value placed on your property if you feel the value is incorrect. Property taxes are calculated by using the assessed value of your property. You should also attend the budget meetings of the taxing jurisdictions whose tax levies appear on your tax bill. This includes your school district, technical college, County, City and any other district that may appear on your bill.

If I wish to mail my payment, how can I be sure that it gets in on time?

Our office honors United States Postal Service postmarks, not metered marks. If your payment is postmarked on or before the due date, it will be accepted without penalty. If you mail on the last day the tax is due- please have the Post Office hand cancel your envelope.

What are the Treasurer's office hours?

The Treasurer's office is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The office is closed on weekends and County holidays.

Why did I get a tax notice when my mortgage company should pay the taxes?

All tax notices are sent to the property owner. If your mortgage company is to pay the taxes, you should forward a copy of the tax notice to your mortgage company.

Can I tell the mortgage company when I want my taxes paid?

Yes. Contact your mortgage company and ask for the "Tax Escrow Option Notice." This form instructs your lender to pay your taxes in the year of the tax (by December 31) OR in full on Jan 31 Or by prescribed installment dates.

What should I send with my check when paying my taxes?

Always include the number (tax ID number) printed on the upper right hand corner of your tax notice. Send a copy of your tax notice or put the tax ID number on the memo line of your check. If paying more than one parcel with one check please list the tax ID numbers and amounts for each parcel. If you are requesting a receipt, please enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope.