City of Marion, Wisconsin 


Contacting The Police

The Officers of the Department are normally on preventive patrol.

Below you will find information on how you can contact an Officer.


Non-emergency Telephone



If an Officer is unavailable to answer the department’s telephone, your call will be forwarded to the Waupaca County Communication Center.  The Communication Center will notify the Officer on duty of your call for service.



Emergency Telephone Number



If you have an emergency please dial 911 on your telephone or cellular phone. The Waupaca County Sheriff's Office handles the City's 911 calls regardless if you live on the Shawano or Waupaca County side of the City.


Physical Address

124 W. Garfield Ave. 


The department has a Police Call Box, which is yellow box located to the right of department’s main entrance.  The call box works similar to a telephone.  To utilize the Call Box you will need to press the silver button located on the front of the box and your call will be answered by a member of the department. 


Mailing Address 

PO Box 127

Marion, WI 54950-00127


Email Address

Fax Number 



The Marion Police Department can only respond to incidents occuring within the corporate limits of the City of Marion. If you reside outside of the City, you will need to contact the Sheriff’s Office in the County you reside. 


Shawano County Sheriff's Office 715-526-3111


Waupaca County Sheriff's Office 715-258-4466


As always if it is an emergency regardless of where you live in the Marion area dial 911.