City of Marion, Wisconsin 


Frequently Asked Questions of the Police


These are frequently asked questions of the Marion Police Department. If we have not your question here please contact us at 715-754-5060. 


Where do I pay a citation I got from a

City of Marion Police Officer?


The City of Marion is served by 3 courts. Please refer to the citation. If you have lost your citation you may contact the department and we will advice you wich court you will need to refer your payment to.





What are the laws about keeping

dog and cats in the City?


Vaccinating and Licensing


All dogs and cats 5 months of age must be vaccinated against rabies and annually registered with the City. In order to register your cat or dog you will need to go to the Marion City Hall located at 217 N Main Street in Marion Monday thru Thursday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. You will need to present to the Clerk your pets current rabies vaccination certificate. 


Missing and Found


Animals found loose in the City are taken to the Marion City Pound. There is a $10 per day handling fee for picking up and housing of an animal. Any animal not claimed in 7 days is put up for adoption or transported to a humane society.


If your animal is missing please contact us at 715-754-5060.


If you have lost your cat please contact us and your local county humane society.  Sorry we do not pick up or house cats.



Abandoning Animals


It is illegal abandon or drop off unwanted or found pets in the City of Marion.



Where do I pay a parking ticket I got in Marion?


You can either mail the parking citation to the department at  PO Box 127Marion, WI54950, come to the department located at 124 W Garfield Ave or to the Marion City Hall 217 N Main Street,


We can not accept parking tickets from other municipalities.



Failure To Pay


Failure to pay a parking citation will result in an increased forfeiture and suspension of all vehicle registrations in your name.


How do I get a copy of a report?


Police Reports will only be available after a case has been closed or adjudicated in court.


Materials from active investigations, including accidents, will not be made available.Several other types of information will not be released including Juvenile records, Medical Records, or anything the courts deem confidential.


If you know a case has been closed and wish to request a copy of the report you can make the request several ways, detailed below.  To better serve you, please have the following data when making a report request:

  • Date,
  • Time,
  • Location of incident,
  • Case Number of available,
  • name(s) of involved subject(s).


There are costs associated with making records requests. You will be charged a minimum of $.25 per page for photocopies, depending on the actual abor and materials. Additional fees apply for copies of photographs, diagrams larger than 8 1/2 x 11, video tapes or any other materials with special costs to reproduce.


Due to the fact our officers are normally on patrol and we have no administrative assistants we ask that you do not come to the department expecting to request and obtain a copy of a report the same day.  We ask that you either;

  •  call 715-754-5060,
  •  fax at request to 715-754-5420.
  • mail a written request to PO Box 127Marion, WI54950

Mark to the ATTN: Marion PD Records Request. (NOTE: Making a request,  by faxing your request will not generate a faxed response. Email requests will not be accepted! 


Once your request is ready, you can pick up your copy of the report in person 7 days a week. You can also arrange to prepay in order to have the report mailed to you when it is ready.  NOTE: On average it takes approximately 10 days to process a request due to our available resources.




Where can register my car or

take care of matters involving

my driver’s license?


DMV services are no longer offered in the Marion area. Please go to the WIS DOT DMV Service Center Website

to locate the nearest service center to the Marion area or anywhere in Wisconsin.


The City of Clintonville Police Departmentcan register your car or truck. They are located at 50A 10th Street in the City of Clintonville. For further information please call (715) 823-3117.


Or you can pick up DMV forms at the department, at City Hall, or by going to the WIS DOT DMV website 


What is the juvenile curfew in Marion?


During school hours juveniles can not be on city streets, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Home schooled juveniles must follow the Marion School District's bell schedule.


Sunday through Thursday - 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Friday and Saturday - 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.


Juveniles are allowed to be without a parent accompaniment during these times if they are going directly home after work or a school, church, club, organization or community sponsored event.  




Can I get a Marion Police shoulder patch?


Due to the security risks and the costs associated with honoring these requests the department does not send out should patches.




What are the bicycle Laws?


Bike Licenses Required


Please come to the department 124 W Garfield Ave or City Hall  217 N Main Street to register your bike.   Bike license are $3 each or if you bought a bike with a City of Marion Bike license on it already it is 50 cents to transfer the license information into your name.


Other Laws

  • Helmets though not required are a very good idea.
  • Riders age 12 and older may not ride on any sidewalk
  • Lights are required at night on bikes.
  • Hand signals are required when riding in the road.
  • Riders must follow all the same traffic laws as vehicles when traveling in the road.
  • Riders must yield to pedestrians when riding on a sidewalk.

Is there a Winter Parking Ban in Marion?


Winter parking ban is from November 1st to March 31st from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. to allow our City crews to clear the streets of snow and ice.  Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and depending on the forecast maybe towed at the registered owner’s expense. 


Overnight parking permission is granted on a day by day basis by calling the department at 715-754-5060. 


We will need the make, model, color and the vehicle’s license place number.  You will need to leave your name and a telephone number where you can be reached. You will need to call in daily for permission since weather conditions and street maintenance schedules can change without notice.




Can I do a ride along

with Marion Police Officer?


Students currently enrolled in criminal justice or law courses or citizens having a legitimate interest in observing police operations may request to ride-along with an officer of the department. Citizens may make such requests by calling the Chief of Police at 715-754-5060.  The Chief of Police reserves the right to refuse any and all ride alongs.




Can I get a fireworks permit?


Sorry we do not issue firework permits in the City of Marion. Without a permit you can NOT discharge fireworks.





Where can I pay my

court ordered restitution?


You will need to send your court ordered restitution to the Clerk of Court that ordered it (either municipal or circuit).  We can not accept court ordered restitution at the police department.




Can I sell or peddle items

in the City of Marion?

The Police Department does not issue permits to door to door sales people or peddlers who wish to do so in the City's residential neighborhoods.

You may sell or peddle wears door to door to any businesses without obtaining a permit from the Police Department. 



 What are the laws in regard

to recreational vehicles?


Snowmobiles are allowed to be operated on City Streets if you are City resident. 


  • You must knee or stand on your machine.
  • Speed limit is always 15 m.p.h.
  • You may not operate a snowmobile anywhere in the City from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.
  • You must obey the same traffic laws as cars and trucks.
  • Snowmobiles are prohibited on any Federal, State or County Highway, as well as on Perry Ave between Milbauer Street and NE 1st Street, and Garfield Ave between NE 1st Street and Milbauer Street.

ATV's are never allowed on City streets.


Boats must travel at Slow No Wake speeds on the Marion Pond.