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The Invisible Wound


We realize being a victim of crime can be a very disturbing experience.  Forget what you have seen on TV or in the movies.  Crime and its effects are seldom tied up in an hour or so.  Crime disrupts the health, personal outlook, and relationship of a victim.

Crime often destroys one's sense of trust in their surroundings and their sense of control over their lives.  This intangible impact has often been described as an invisible wound on the victim's life.

Just as a physical injury takes time to heal, the invisible wound inflicted by crime take time to heal.  The healing process will be uneven.  It can take weeks, months and sometimes even years for victims to regain their emotional balance. Time and understanding are the best remedies for dealing with the impact of crime.

Talking often is the best medicine for victims.  Family and friends need to listen to the victim's story, no matter how many times it is told. Victims need non-judgmental support and time to heal at their own pace.

It is therefore we feel it imparative to provide information and links to assist those who have reported or who have not reported being a victim of abuse, sexual assault or any other crime so the healing may begin.



If you have not reported being a victim of a crime please contact the Department at 754-5060.


If you have reported being a victim of a crime and met with an Officer of the Department please contact 754-5060 or 911 in an emergency if you are subject to threats or intimidation arising from your cooperation with the law enforcement or prosecution efforts relating to the investigation of any crime.


You have the right to have any stolen, recovered, or seized property, which is no longer needed as evidence returned to you as soon as possible.  Please contact the Department to determine if your property can be released.


You have the right to have restitution ordered by the court.  For purposes of  restitution it is important you gather and keep accurate documentation about your losses and provide this information to the investigating Officer.


Please make sure you complete and return any Victim Impact questionnaires you may receive from the District Attorney to help facilitate a proper conclusion and punishment for the crime(s) which have been committed against you. 


If you would like additional information about your rights as a victim of crime please contact the Victim/Witness Coordinator for the County in which the crime was committed against you.




Victim/Witness Coordinator

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